In the village of Saint-Marcouf-De-L’Isle was based the 6th Infantry Company of the 919th Infantry Regiment, commanded by the Leutnant GEISSLER. This company was responsible of the protection of the surrounding areas of the Crisbecq Battery. These soldiers were housed in the village by local peoples and in surrounding farms : 2 soldiers with Mr.Rosalie, 40 in Gourmont’s with 40 horses, 20 in Barberie’s farm, and 15 in Mignot’s.

The Marine Artillery Garrison

The Marine Battery’s garrison  was composed of 3 officers, 7 NCO, 287 soldiers, which made a working force of about 400 soldiers in total with the Saint-Marcouf-De-L’Isle garrison and the battery garrison.


A kitchen was built, but quickly destroyed. The soldiers on the battery had to lunch in the village of Saint-Marcouf-De-L’Isle, in a farm transformed in a canteen for them.


Two type 622 shelters and a type 501 were used as the sleeping place for soldiers of the battery, plus two wooden barracks that were built but unfortunatly destroyed by the severals bombings 

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