Out of the shadows …

Forgotten for nearly 60 years, the artillery outpost had become an inpenetrable wood, the blockhaus were filled little by little to the ceiling with mud and water, the trenches were filled in, and time had covered it’s tracks …

Until the site was bought in 2004 by two history buffs, who undertook an enourmous amount of restauration work. Firstly there were the trees that needed to be felled and the brush that had to be cut away, the entrances to the pill boxes and shelters to be cleared and re-dugout before there was sufficient access to be able to pump out the installations and clear the 50 cm of mud from within by hand.

After, land drains to a depth of 5m were needed to drain the various shelters, then once they were dry, sandblasting and finally painting could take place. To finish the restauration, display cabinets, the wiring and electrical installations and memorabilia were installed.

Today, you can come and visit the largest costal artillery site on Utah Beach, with it’s 22 blockhouses linked by more than a kilometer of trenches threaded accross 8 acres.

Clik here to go to interactive panorama.

You will be plunged into the mood of the artillery out-post by visiting the mess rooms, the food & equipment stores, the munitions holds and the infirmary, completely re-equipped with original kit & supplies.

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