In the village of St Marcouf de l’isle were based the 6th company, Rifles of the 919th Infantry Regiment, commanded by lieutenant GEISSLER. This company was responsible for protecting the surounding area of the battery. These men were billeted in the village and neighbouring farms and lived alongside the local people : 2 soldiers with Mr Rosalie, 40 in the Gourmont Farm with 40 horses, 20 in the Barberie Farm and 15 in the Mignot Farm.

The Marine Artillery Garrison

The Marine Artillery garrison was made up of 3 officiers, 7 NCO’s and 287 men. The total strength of the St Marcouf de l’isle garrison, including the “St Marcouf battery” was approximatively 400 men.

The meals

As the kitchen (wooden outbuilding) has been early destroyed by bombardments, the Germans converted a farm into a canteen, where soldiers took their meals.


Other sheds used as bedrooms were also quickly destroyed, so soldiers and servants were sleeping in local farms around, and officers were housed at the Germiny Castle in the next village of Fontenay.

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